The Global Telecom Policy Researchers Network (GTPRN) is an international nonprofit research society, focuses on advancing research that address the policy, regulatory, economics, and governance aspects of telecommunication.

The main goals of GRPTN are summersized in the followings:

Connecting these telecom policy conferences, centers, educational departments, scholars and students, and aligning their goals.

Discussing and sharing timely news of importance (e.g. 5G national deployment).

Connecting academics with international organizations (ICANN, ITU) as some of us participate in these forums on behalf of their member states.

Coordinating for the CFPs between the different conferences, and exchanging ideas between the program committees (e.g. conference software).

Enlightening researchers about the latest events or trends of importance (E.g. WRC-19).

Organizing a panel on the past of telecom policy research and what is needed for the future.

Presenting a brief on our activities to international organizations (e.g. ITU WSIS, ITU World Telecom).

Presenting a common comments or remark to regulators’ consultations (e.g. FCC or Ofcom).

We provide a monthly newsletter to our subscribers containing the latest news and updated in the fields of Telecom policy. You are welcome to share your research or update our community by the latest trends in your field at [email protected]