GTPRN October 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the GTPRN October 2020 Newsletter

We wish that you and your beloved ones are in a good health. I do personally hope that major conferences in the coming few months such TPRC and ITS will not be conducted virtually. Beside missing being on a plane, physical interactions and discussions are an essential part in exchanging knowledge, and one ultimate goal of GTPRN has been to conduct regular international conferences for all telecom policy scholars around the world. With several countries start to lockdown again due to COVID-19, we hope we will overcome this and will be able to meet and talk to each other in the near future. 
We have the privilege this issue to have two exclusive contributions for GTPRN by two of the main profiles in the Standardization (ITU-T) and Radiocommunication (ITU-R) Sectors of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The first article is by Dr. Abdulhadi AbouAlmal, Head of Technology Standardization & Spectrum Management, Etisalat, on a quite interesting new topic, which is the use of IMT system for fixed wireless broadband. Such topic is relatively revolutionary in terms that it advocates utilizing IMT systems for fixed applications rather than being traditionally mobile. His article can be found on GTPRN website here.
The second article is by Dr. Ramy Ahmed Fathy, Vice-Chair of ITU-T SG20 and Co-Chair of WP1/20 with respect to the recent ITU-T activities related to the advancement of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities and Communities related technologies.His article can be found here on GTPRN website.

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Take care, stay safe and well.
Mohamed El-Moghazi
GTPRN Team – [email protected]

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