GTPRN November 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the GTPRN November 2020 Newsletter

We wish that you and your beloved ones are in a good health. We do understand how the past period was difficult for many of us with several countries start to lock-down again. Meanwhile, there have been good news with raged to an effective and affordable vaccine for COVID-19, and we hope by the coming spring, everything will get back to normal.

I am so grateful that we managed to get for this issue two exclusive and excellent contributions for GTPRN on timely topics for the telecom industry. The first article is by Mr. Roberto Ercole,  an international consultant on spectrum and telecom issues, and a well-known expert, at least within the ITU-R, on a must-read topic for telecom regulators. More specifically, it analyses the importance of balancing between regulatory measures to increase competition and the impact on the cost of providing mobile services. 

The second article is by Dr. Shiv K. Bakhshi, VP of Industry Relations at Ericsson, and Dr. Sendil Devar, General Manager Standards & Spectrum at Ericsson on rural connectivity. In particular, they argue that mobile broadband technologies, anchored in global 3GPP cellular standards, may be best suited to meet the policy goals of rural connectivity.

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Take care, stay safe and well.
Mohamed El-Moghazi
GTPRN Team – [email protected]

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