GTPRN December 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the GTPRN December 2020 Newsletter

And finally HOPE. We are so excited about the different vaccines’ news, and it seems that COVID-19 will finally come to an end, hopefully in the near future. We are also so grateful to our authors and readers for supporting us during the last months with their contributions and views.

We want to introduce new flavors to this issue, and certainly nothing better than the last update on the 6G development from one of the main international experts in this field, Prof. Marja Matinmikko-Blue. With the tremendous speed of 5G development compared to 4G, it seems that 6G may be developed faster than we think, and who is better to explain the concept to us than the main leader of 6G Flagship, World’s first 6G Research Program, Prof. Matinmikko-Blue. Please check her article here.

Last month, we introduced one viewpoint of the debate on the pros of licensing against un-licensing, and in this issue, we have an exclusive article for GTPRN by Prof. Martha Suarez, President of Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA), which highlights the recent development of the latest generation of Wi-Fi, known as Wi-Fi 6E, and the merits of deploying Wi-Fi in the 6 GHz instead of IMT. Prof. Suarez has certainly introduced a new spirit within the unlicensed spectrum community, and I personally believe that DSA is lucky to have her. Please check her article here.

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Merry Christmas, take care, stay safe and well.
Mohamed El-Moghazi
GTPRN Team – [email protected]

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