GTPRN March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the GTPRN March 2021 Newsletter

In March 2021 newsletter, news and vacancies are shared.  GTPRN team grateful for the time been invested in writing and reading for the authors and readers who are supporting the volunteering effort made by the team during the last months. 

This issue has an exclusive article from one of the main international experts in the field, Prof. Michael J. Marcus, who has conducted an article on the policy and technical challenges in allocations above 100 GHz and its impact on the potential of other radio services. In the light of the importance of these THz for 6G, the article reveals new regulatory and technical aspects. It suggested that cooperative efforts are needed from all concerned parties to participate in ITU international deliberation. check the article at the end of this newsletter. Prof. Marcus is considered as one of the idols for modern spectrum management where all of us should be grateful for his seminal contribution when it comes to Wi-Fi regulations.

Mr. George Salama, Twitter Head of Public Policy, Government & Philanthropy Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan & Afghanistan, has kindly shared his personal views regarding internet governance in pandemic times, which highlights the importance of open internet and freedom of expression as a key principle. The need to distinguish and defines the differences between free speech and hateful conduct. Throughout COVID-19, some regulators and policymakers sought the importance to develop media and regulation laws to overcome the raised concerns. To keep the internet open to surpass the effects of the pandemic, more efforts and developments from all stakeholders are needed.  Check his article at the end of this newsletter.

Regarding telecom and policy news, please check the following list:

Last but not least, an excellent opportunity in Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies for scholars to fill an open-rank tenure-track faculty position to start in Fall 2021. More information can be found here.

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